So That’s What They Look Like

Title: So That’s What They Look Like

Author’s Name: Averil-of-Fairlea

One Shot

*Rating: M

Notes/Warnings: Boundless confidence, cluelessness, shocked faces, dropped jaws.

Based on this imagine: 


“We’ll settle here for the night,” Thorin announced, and just as the last word tumbled from his mouth, the weary members of the company dumped their belongings near the bank of the lake and went about completing their individual tasks.

You’d already done your job: hunting for dinner. It would be rabbit stew tonight.

“Never mind the skinning,” Thorin told you, reaching for the carcasses. You tucked your knife back into its sheath. “Go ahead, take a rest.”

To you, taking a rest meant taking a bath. It was a luxury for a seasoned warrior like you, who always felt grimy. Try as you might, you never got used to that feeling. And the lake looked so inviting. 

You kicked off your boots and socks, walked over and tested the temperature with your big left toe.


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…I may have just had my first non-fanfic story idea…

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Anonymous asked: In relation to the last question about being romantically involved with Loki, I've heard a couple of people say that they don't think he's capable of love. I'm not sure what I think of it myself, but I figured you'd probably have some interesting input! In your opinion, what kind of person would he end up falling for, if he did? Or do you think his issues would make it impossible to keep a relationship going? What's your take on all of this in general?

Another edition of “Let’s Analyze Loki When I Should Be Sleeping…”

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Tales from the Tank


A Morning Walk

A warm embrace, a friendly kiss on the cheek, and a kind farewell.

"Come home, soldier."

Bucky’s eyes opened, surveying the dark and empty room around him. Ever since he’d returned to find his housemates has all gone missing, he’d refused to stay in the Tank. The emptiness bothered him and the silence constantly reminded him of how much he wished he knew what happened. It had been nearly a week since their disappearance, and worry had piled on with frustration for both himself and Tony, who had spent countless hours hacking into every police database he could, looking for any reports of three people matching their descriptions showing up out of nowhere. Thor had spent most of his time searching the realms once Heimdall confirmed even he couldn’t see them, and Bucky had done his fair share of searching as well. 

The problem was, he was running out of places to search. And sleep had been growing difficult as he began to fear the worst.

Beside him on the bed, he felt Rex give his good hand a lick, and he reached up lazily to scratch the dog behind the ears. If there was one thing that made him more grateful to Tony for allowing him to stay over while they searched, it was that Tony had allowed Rex to stay in the tower as well. Having at least one piece of home with him helped, and despite his worry over his other housemates, he had missed Rex.

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*~ As much as I love Mila Jovovich, I’d rather meet Barry Burton from the game… just to tell him that I too hope it’s not Chris’ blood.

*~ As much as I love Mila Jovovich, I’d rather meet Barry Burton from the game… just to tell him that I too hope it’s not Chris’ blood.