Anonymous asked: I just want to say thanks for running such an awesome blog. Dunno if my other asks have gone through but yeah, just thanks for being really awesome and making many of my days better.

There’s like a billion anonymous asks in the inbox bby so idk which ones are yours but I’m glad we can be here for you! <3

Ellie ~

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beautiful-kisses13 asked: That's awesome how mine was the first on made hehehehe lol love you guys :-P

Lol glad you liked it bae :D

Ellie ~

Anonymous asked: The potato is lokis baby


He must be a proud mother- I mean father


We’ve been over this, Anon. The potato is the father of Loki’s children. The fries are the babies. It’s a disturbing process but the Discovery Channel is currently filming a special on it now called, “When Fries Come with That Shake: The Loki Story.”


I swear to you, one of these days, woman…

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Anonymous asked: Sorry, but the last few imagines have a tiny font :( I can't read them without zooming in with my keyboard. Can I request a bigger font?

The ones with the smaller font are some of mine so I’ll keep that in mind for the next ones I make. :)

Ellie ~

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