Sorry darlings, I have been neglecting the blog but I am currently swamped at Uni with assignments and extra-curricular commitments coming out my ears. Things are due to settle down by, not this Saturday, but the following Saturday. Then I be able to tackle the draft traffic!


Ellie ~

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Anonymous asked: It's alright Vikki ( did I spell that right? Sorry if I did not!) I noticed the account has been quite lately and seeing your reply I just wanted to say that it happens and we still love you and the blog so we will be here for you - whenever you are able to return to us , be it tomorrow or six months or six years from now :) Much love!!!

You know… I’ve been working at one of my jobs for 6 years now, and they still have yet to learn how to spell my name… And you got it right, Anon lol.

And thank you so much for your kind words. I really hope it isn’t 6 months. I don’t think I could stand it if this continued on for 6 whole months…

And don’t get me started on 6 years…

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Anonymous asked: I check the blog every day and it's been really quiet recently :(

I know, Anon :(

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot we can do about that right now. Both my admins are busy with classes and the like, and I’m currently up to my eyeballs in work.

It bothers me a lot that I don’t have the time I used to for the blog and that it’s been running rather quiet. Not having the time to write has really taken its toll and not being able to get the imagines made for you guys just makes me feel completely guilty considering how much I used to post.

The only thing I can promise is we all will get to things when we can, but until things clear up at least on my end, the blog will be running kind of quiet for a while. I wish I had better news than that, but right now it seems like I’m living at both my jobs and not being able to post for you guys is one of the many reasons why I absolutely loathe my life right now (sorry to be such a downer, but it’s true).


Once the end of October hits, I’ll be able to do more. I have marching band and the season in NEARLY over :) ~Maddee
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To Bring a God to His Knees

Title: To Bring A God To His Knees
Author: kayleighhalliday2203
Chapter: 3
Rating: M
Notes: Brace yourself, Ronan is coming…next chapter. Also, I don’t claim any of this to be scientifically correct. 
Based On This Imagine: 

Previous chapter here 

A clanging noise brought you out from underneath the Jericho device you were working on.
“It’s a good thing I already deactivated this,” you said, looking up at Darcy whose fist was hovering just inches over the metal.
“Sorry,” she said, “But I’ve been calling your name for ten minutes. How did last night go?”
“I think you already know,” you said, getting up off the sliding board you were laying on.
“Yeah, I heard Coulson yelling at Loki,” Darcy said, grinning, “Something about breaking terms?”

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We just figured out what “Doom… all gone!” means…


So, I mentioned how Harley had started randomly saying, “Doom. All gone.” Naturally, this was kind of creepy because I’m sitting there thinking, “Oh great… I’ve got a creepy prophecy baby on my hands…”


Well, after watching it today, I finally figured out the reality is actually adorable. Harley loves the show Ruby Gloom…


We watch at least an episode a day, mostly to watch her bounce and squeal at the theme song.

And on the show, Ruby Gloom, there’s a black cat called, “Doom Kitty.”


We have a black cat named Rave…


They’ve been buddies for a while.


Today, while I was playing with her in her room, Rave hopped over the baby gate and into the room, and Harley squealed and pointed to her, saying, “Doom! Doom!”


She thinks our cat is Doom Kitty.

"Doom all gone," is her way of telling us the cat isn’t in the room.


I done a gif set about Loki and his Potato’s love story because of Vikki. 

Sorry, I had too because it’s too funny not to. XD

Inspired by a post a while back at WearetheTank, and I was also inspired by Vikkikate89

here is the post if you want to know more (x)

Notice the ultrasound image? Yeah I have photoshopped two eight legged fries in it because of Vikkikate89’s comment

BTW None of these photos or gifs are mine

For there has never been a tale of more woe
Than that of Loki and his potato…

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Anonymous asked: I've always wondered... do you boys ever worry about your looks? I know men supposedly don't care as much as women, but you're all so pretty, I've wondered if you ever have days where you feel ugly or not pretty enough?

That time Loki went way out of his way to make an infomercial to address an anon’s question… only to successfully not answer the question at all.

Anonymous asked: I have swim in 5 hours I need to be asleep not reading your absolutely fantastic Tales From The Tank


Thank you, sweet Anon :)


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lunasasylum asked: When's the next snark-fest between Loki and Thranduil? (Top quality entertainment there ^_~)

I see…

So now that hostility your beloved demigod displays towards me is your source of entertainment? 


I always assumed you knew my banter was all in good fun, my dear elf. Because the reality is I’ve grown rather fond of you as a housemate.

You… what?

I know we have our antics, but I thought you knew it was only a bit of fun. In fact I have a fair bit of respect for you.

I would have thought by now we were… friends…

I… I don’t know what to say…

Though if this is how you really feel then I suppose I shall simply…

Wait, son of Asgard… You are right. We’ve been through enough together that banter between us is no more than banter. And I am honored to call you my friend.

I am sorry I did not see it sooner.

Then I am glad we are able to see eye-to-eye in this.


By the way, that dress looks pretty on you.

Not a lot of women could pull that off, but with legs like yours, sweetheart, you can wear whatever you want.

Vikki: You were seriously falling for it, weren’t you?

Another Dark Room

Title: Another Dark Room

Author: heir-of-slythdurin

One Shot/ Chapter #: One Shot

Rating:  T – some violence and swearing

 Notes/ Warnings:  The reader is a member of the BAU so some semi-graphic descriptions of crime scenes and homicide.  Technically a one-shot but related to an up coming series about a BAU profiler and a certain Sgt. Barnes.  I don’t think there is anything triggering here but just incase it mentions: serial killers, homicide, anxiety, PTSD, 

Loosely based on this imagine: 


Another night, another psychopath, seems to be just your life. Your case file sat spread out over the coffee table, open to a particularly horrifying crime scene photo of a young woman around your age with her throat cut, so you could read the coroner’s report.  She was the fifth to be found in her apartment like that in as many weeks.  The latest victim of the gingerbread killer – that’s what the media was calling him.  The name came around after the second victim was found with ‘run, run, run, fast as you can.  But you’ll never catch me,’ written on the wall with the victims blood.  After that – the message was written at every crime scene in one way or another.  This time it was written on the victim’s bathroom mirror in her lipstick.

While you were grateful that you wouldn’t have to be travelling for work, a rare occasion for you in the FBI’s BAU, the prospect that a serial killer was active in your city did not sit well with you.  Reading over the case file for the umpteenth time you kept looking over the pictures.  You and the team were to give a preliminary profile to the local PD in the morning, and something just didn’t click.  

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