Tales from the Tank

Escape from St. James

All of it was so familiar.

I closed my eyes, bathing in every sensation, and when his lips pressed to my jawbone, a word escaped my lips. I was barely aware I’d even said it, but the way he momentarily stiffened told me I had in fact said it out loud. And the way I felt the need to grasp for a memory alleviate itself momentarily, told me what I’d said was right.

"Loki," I whispered.

Several moments passed silently, and we lay perfectly still, neither of us wanting to move away from the other. When he finally rolled off of me, I rolled onto my side, feeling his body close in behind me, his arm wrapping around my waist and drawing me close to him. His hand reached around to find mine again, and our fingers laced together as I lifted my head, allowing his other arm to tuck itself under it. I took hold of his other hand and we laid together in a state of utter bliss.

His lips kissed the back of my head and very softly he whispered, “Say it again.”

"Loki," I whispered.

Behind us, I could hear the door unlocking, and Loki’s arms tightened around me as we both knew what was coming. “Here we go,” he murmured in my ear and I sighed.


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Anonymous asked: What about girls with surgery scars?

Ellie: The boys and I have agreed to let Bucky take this one.



Well, thing is doll. I know all there is to know ‘bout surgical scars.
They’re a part of you now and what’s important to remember, is that you were beautiful before and that scars don’t define your attractiveness, they are a part of you and people are going to see you as a whole and they’re gonna like what they see.

I understand that you might feel insecure about them sometimes, it’s natural. You just gotta know that it’s ok, feel comfortable in your own skin, scars and all.

If you come across someone who makes you feel bad about ‘em, then cut that person out because they ain’t worth your time.

I’ve got my eye out for you.

Anonymous asked: Who's the drama queen of the group?

Drama queen…


*side eyes Thranduil*


"I resent your insinuation!"


"I dunno…"


"Honey, they are ALL goddamned drama queens."

To Make You Smile

Title: To Make You Smile
Author’s Name: choc-chip-chick
One Shot/ Chapter Number: Part 2 of 2
Rating: K
Notes/Warnings: WARNING: This may contain smiles. So this is part 2, I didn’t want to make Sigyn’s character too dependant on Loki, I wanted her to have more depth, hence why I gave her her own side. I’m also not sure if this ended too abruptly… But, oh, just read it for yourself :) (I’m also English, so you may find some spellings to be different/odd if you’re American… forgive me)

Part 1


Part 2

Fear bleeds through her veins. Anxiety, panic, distress gnaws from her chest to her toes. Her agitated muscles tense under the pressure in the atmosphere. Her throat so tight she may stop breathing.

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Anonymous asked: Hi. I know y'all are busy and this is super late but Hi new admins!


Ellie ~

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Ellie ~

Hi darlings.

I just want to let you know that I see your thank you notes but sometimes find it super tricky to work out whether you’re talking to us admins or to the boys in the tank..

So for those of you referring to us, you are most welcome and I love you all!