Tales from the Tank


The Calm Before the Storm

"We have to warn them!" Bilbo cried, turning as if he meant to run to Laketown, but Dwalin shook his head as he joined where we stood.

"That dragon will reach them long before you can," he said, watching as Smaug let out another blast of fire in the distance. "You’ll have nothing but ashes to hear your warning."

"We can’t just stand here!" I shouted, turning and brushing past them.

"Agreed," spoke up another. "We should flee while we still can!"

"I will not abandon our kingdom while we still have it!" Thorin ordered, joining us at last. "We barricade the entrance and prepare to fight back when Smaug returns."

"Because we did so well the last time!" I snapped back at him.

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averil-of-fairlea asked: Hey VikkiKate! I was wondering, do you let your husband read your fics, including the smut? And if he has read it, does he offer suggestions? : ) Even though I draw from my experiences with my husband for my NSFW, I don't let him read it. Maybe one day.

Time for me to embarrass him…

He has read some of my one shots, though I don’t think he’s read the Tales of the Tank. Of the stories I know he’s read that were not smut, he read:

You Are Beautiful



Just Back Off!

Do Not Fear It

And I know he started reading In the Woodsbut as I walked by I said, “It’s not smut,” and he growled, “Dammit!” and I’m not sure if he finished it lol.

*- Feature a 4-year-old Harley :)

As for the smut… hehehehe.

I’ve Not Done This Before (Loki x Thranduil)

A Focus in Mischief (Professor!Loki x OC)

Don’t Be a Stranger (Loki x Bucky x Reader -two stories in one. One involving a male reader, one involving a female reader.-)

Barrel Rider (Thorin x OC)

and This Sex Room Submission (Loki x Reader)

Barrel Rider, he mostly read to make fun of me for actually writing Thorin smut that takes place in a barrel, and Don’t Be a Stranger, I explained to him what I wrote for the threeway involving all men, and he got turned on… and then completely embarrassed as to how turned on he got.

I’ve always been open about sex with Rich, so when I started writing smut, letting him read it wasn’t that awkward. And in many ways it was a better window into what I like or how I view different things. And on top of that, Rich works in a porn store, and we’ve watched porn together and we’re both regulars on Literotica, so needless to say porn/smut just isn’t an awkward topic for us. I actually get exited when he reads my stuff, smutty or fluffy, because it’s just fun to see him take an interest into the things I do for fun. And it’s even more fun when I can tell he actually enjoys what he’s reading.

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Tales from the Tank


From Bad to Worse

He wasn’t there.

When our boat had reached the shore and we all disembarked, it didn’t take long before we reached the point where we were supposed to meet Gandalf, but once we arrived and the dwarves looked around in confusion, my heart dropped. 

Thorin turned his eyes to the mountain, and shaking his head, he said, “We keep moving.”

I turned to look at him, ready to protest, but Bilbo did it before I could.

"But, Gandalf said we were to-"

"Do you see him here?" Thorin cut him off, gesturing to our surroundings to indicate the wizard was in fact no there. "We cannot wait if we wish to make it to the door before Durin’s day is over. We keep moving."

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*~ Note from the submitter: “I liked this one scene in scrubs but I’m changing it a little.”

*~ Note from the submitter: “I liked this one scene in scrubs but I’m changing it a little.”