Thor’s Midgardian Dream

Title: Thor’s Midgardian Dream
Author: kayleighhalliday2203
One Shot
Rating: MA

Based on this Imagine

“She does what?!”
“She fakes it,” Sif repeated her statement from moments earlier, “She told me.” Thor looked wounded and a little heartbroken, his head bowing. Sif immediately reached out and put a hand on the Prince’s arm.
“Look, Thor, I know this is going to feel like an attack on your pride but…” her words were cut off by Loki’s barking laughter. Sif and the Warriors Three rolled their eyes and scowled at Thor’s younger brother.
“Loki, you’re not helping,” Sif said.
“I’m not trying to help,” Loki said, wiping a tear away from his eye, “It just tickles me that my brother, who has worked his way through most of the female staff can’t satisfy one lowly little Midgardian.”
“It’s not that,” Sif protested, “It is satisfying, and she does enjoy it.”
“Then why is she faking her orgasms?” Thor asked, his voice quiet and low.
“She…struggles with it,” Sif explained, “You remember how red you said she went the first time? She’s always found sex a little embarrassing. In her life on Midgard, her family were very strict and never discussed sex openly. It was always seen as something dirty and frowned upon. She can’t seem to let go of that idea.”
“What can I do?” Thor asked, his head now in his hands, “I can’t reverse her upbringing.”
“But you may be able to make her forget about it, at least for one night,” said Fandral, “Come with me, Thor, I’ve a lot to teach you.”

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The Harem Girl: Chapter 1

Title: The Harem Girl

Author’s Name: Kazumi-san07

Chapter Number/One Shot: Chapter 1

Rating: MA

Summary: Loki enjoys being entertained by his harem girls, but what happens when one in particular catches his eye?

Story based on the pic featured by the blog ‘We Are the Tank’


Notes/Warnings: It has a lil dominance in here. Explicit content (strong violence, language, and adult content).TRIGGER WARNING!: one scene Loki appears to be aggressive like he would rape the main character but he does not. Also, this oc is black so there’s a touch of discrimination in the first chappy.


Chapter 1: The Harem House

I was only 10 when I was dropped off here at the harem house. From that moment on I was property. I remember the first day I was  there. Madam Bera, also know as our “mother,” had taken me by the hand after paying the fat bearded man, and led me into the enormous house. I was red in the eyes and still sobbing hysterically ,trying to figure out where I was while the large group of girls stared at me in amazement. They giggled and whispered to one another. Most of them had red, golden, or brown silky hair, while I on the other hand had wild wavy hair.

An elderly woman approached me shuffling around me, sizing me up as she shook her head and sighed, sounding displeased

“What are we suppose to do with her? Look at how dark her skin is, ” the old woman barked.

“Yes, but look at her eyes, Mother. They’re almost the color of starlight,” Madam Bera pointed out, grabbing my face and giving her a closer look of me.

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The Tank hit another milestone today!

You people are amazing!

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Anonymous asked: Is there going to be another vote for who joins the tank for a week or is it going to be part of the story

Visitors will always be woven into the story somehow, just like Steve was. I’m working on getting the story to where that can happen as fast as I can, which is part of why I haven’t been writing up any of the character responses, I want to get that part of the story done soon so we can vote in another visitor soon.

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